Midterm exam

General information:

The midterm exam will be an oral exam that covers all the material we talked about in the first five days of the winter ecology class. Each student will be tested for about 5 minutes. As part of the test, we will show you three slides that pertain to the topics we covered in class. Based on the three slides we are showing, you can chose one and your task will be to give a mini lecture.

For example, out of the three slides, you might select the following slide:

Animals in the winter environment

Based on the slide, you might explain to us what the Bergmann’s rule is and what some of the issues are with the rule. You will be graded based on the following criteria:


Prepare for exam:

Here are a few hints of how to best prepare for the exam:

(1)    Review your notes and slides (slides for day 1-3 are available on our class website. Please note that there are no slides for day 4 and 5 but you should have some notes).

(2)    Re-read all the chapters in Peter Marchand’s ‘Life in the Cold – An Introduction to Winter Ecology’ we covered during class (see syllabus for chapter details).


To be determined.