You will be tested on topics we covered in class and that are covered in the assigned readings.

Here are a few hints of how to best prepare for the ecology class exam:

(1)    Review your notes and slides (slides are available here). In particular, focus on some of the Task/Question slides and try to answer the questions.

(2)    If you have not done all the required readings throughout the semster, you should probably catch up on the readings. If you have done all the readings throughout the semester, you should be OK.

(3)    Take a look at the example exam questions below to get a feel for the format of the questions I will be asking

If you follow the above steps, you should be well prepared for the exam.

Some example questions are:

  1. Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is expected to further increase in the years to come. How do you think this may affect plant growth here in the McCall area?
  2. You are measuring snow depth at ten different locations in Bear Basin and Ponderosa State Park. What statistical test would you use to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in snow depth between Bear Basin and Ponderosa State Park?
  3. What general sections do most scientific papers consist of?
  4. How does the underlying geology affect soil properties?  How does the underlying geology affect stream properties? Please explain.
  5. Please list at least 3 soil properties and explain how they may affect plant growth.
  6. Please draw a flow chart that illustrates the energy flow in streams.
  7. What is the characteristic climate of rangelands in Idaho? How are rangeland plants adapted to deal with these climatic conditions?


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