NRS 504 Integrative thinking

Class description

During the first part of class, we will identify relevant socio-ecological issues in our community and teams of 3-4 students will choose an issue that they would like to study further. To do so, you will learn how to identify, review, and synthesize relevant literature. During the second part of class, we will ask you to find relevant literature from the fields of ecology, education and leadership and lead in-class discussions on this literature. As final project, each team will give a 30 minute presentation on how educational, leadership, and ecological thinking can come together to address a local issue.

Specific learning objectives:

(1) Find and synthesize refereed literature

(2) Learn about tools and techniques that allow you to organize notes and thinking that arises from reading the refereed literature

(3) Learn to make connections across disciplinary boundaries to become “interdisciplinary thinkers”

(4) Develop understanding of a local socio-ecological issue

You can download the complete syllabus for the class here:

NRS 504 Syllabus 2017