NR 101

NR 101: Getting Into Science (G.I.S.) Summer Camp

Get ready to learn about orienteering with map and compass, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computer mapping with Geographic Information System (GIS) software, and Remote Sensing with satellite images acquired by NASA and provided by the US Geological Survey. You will then use what you learned to conduct hands-on field inquiries within the beautiful and fun McCall environment. Besides all the fun learning, you will also have time to make new friends and enjoy beautiful Payette Lake and Ponderosa State Park. Look forward to special science guests and events!

Please click on the link below to get a complete syllabus for NR 101:

NR 101 Syllabus 2013 – Week 1: 7th – 9th Grade

Week 2: Coming soon!

Figure. Time lapse video of Landsat images taken from 1984 to 2012 of the area surrounding McCall, Idaho where NR101 is taught.