Readings Week of Feb 9

Monday, February 9th: Gauging and Engaging Audience

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

Yale Project on Climate Change Communication 



Tuesday, February 10th: Ethics and Values Frameworks (this is a heavy reading load but please do your best to get through it all)

1. On accountability to non-research communities

2. Eigenbrode et al – Employing Philosophical Dialogue in Collaborative Science

3. Understanding the Challenges – Risk, Expertise, NI Impacts, Policy Constraints

Case studies:

Wednesday, February 11th: Story, Audience and Ethics:                       Documentary Film Case Study

Watch: Inside the Wolf Pack (National Geographic Wild)

Ripple, William J. and Robert L. Beschta. 2013. Wolf reintroduction, predation risk, and cottonwood recovery in Yellowstone National Park. Forest and Ecology Management 184:299-313           

Middleton, Arthur. Is the Wolf a Real American Hero? New York Times. March 9, 2014



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